Monday 12 July 2010

Eaty weekend

Not the best weekend ever.

We are still digesting the news about my husband's probable forthcoming redundancy, although we won't know for sure until sometime on Thursday. On the positive side, if there is a redundancy on the way, it will open up opportunities that we might otherwise have been too "comfortable" to go for or think about. So in some ways we're excited. Who knows what could be round the corner. In other ways, it's just insecurity, and I don't like that so much these days.

It wasn't only that which made it a bad weekend. Everything was on top of me - everything. House a mess, outstanding paperwork, dog didn't even get a walk yesterday, kids clothes and stuff all disorganised, and me wondering whether I'll ever finally get in control of it all one day, and manage to get myself a life.

I felt SO EATY this weekend. Constantly. So I did eat. The house being in a bad mess is always a danger sign for me, as it makes me feel out of control, and totally helpless. After Saturday night dinner there were loads of roast potatoes and roast sweet potatoes left in the pan, so I ate them all. Then I ate all the remaining chicken and sausage casserole. On Sunday, I ate all the left over kofte curry, including all the kids' remains from their plates. I was telling myself all the way through "I'm hungry! I'm still hungry, so I've got to do it!" When I'd finished, even though I hadn't got though half as much as I used to (finishing up leftovers was standard) I felt bloated, and this morning I have indigestion, and don't feel as full as energy as I have been doing of late.

So really, not the best weekend. This morning, I'd better recommit myself to starting again, I reckon. OK, let's get back on track ...


  1. That's really naughty! I ought to slap your wrist.

    Hopefully you can stay on the straight and narrow and be good this week.

    I know we can all be a bit naughty from time to time, but try and plan it. For example, give yourself a treat like a slap up meal but don't have seconds or other peoples left overs.

    It may sound harsh but I'd expect others to do the same for me.

  2. Thanks Toby. You are of course right! Not sure what's happened to me over the past few days - although I did manage to do much better yesterday.

  3. Don't do it again!

    But you know that...

  4. Just catching up Christie - and so sorry to hear about your husbands job plight. :( It sounds trite but when one door closes, another often opens and I hope this will be the case here. Right now however, I can imagine that all the insecurity surrounding his work can't be nice. As for the over-eating and the finishing off of left-overs, been there, done that. Haven't we all?

    You've been doing so well recently. I hope you pick up where you left off, because yes, exercise is good for releasing those feel-good endorphins. Right now, you'll need some help. It's so easy to wallow and over-eat when you get a blow like that. Fully understandable - and you won't behave in that way forever - just occasionally, I'm sure. (*Note to myself there as well!*)

    You haven't posted for a while...but please know I am thinking of you. x

  5. strugglin myself at the moment... keep fightin!

  6. Hi. Just read your blog for first time. Its pretty inspirational. How r you doing. I am going thru tough times just now. So know how you were feeling. Hope things r better.

  7. time to get bloggin again!!!