Monday, 5 July 2010

The dog ate my pedometer

This week, the dog ate my pedometer.

No, it's not an excuse. She really did. While said pedometer wasn't actually devoured and digested, it was chewed enough to stop it functioning and I am a bit pissed off about this. There probably isn't even a lot of point buying another, as when the dog develops a taste for a certain kind of item, she tends to repeat offend. You only need to leave something lying around unattended once, and SNAP! Tooth marks and big dents dot com, forward slash dog slobber. We have no hair brushes left in the house to speak of (chewed up plastic handles with a bristle or two attached don't really count) apart from the one I bought last week, currently hidden in my handbag, but I don't kid myself it will last. And yes, she does have plenty of chewy toys of her own, but our stuff (which she takes hold of slyly and slowly with her head on one side) is apparently much better. I wonder if my pedometer tasted nice?

I did however manage to get out on three walks and a bike ride this week. The bike ride was the one I reported on earlier. The walks were good - two around my usual circuit of just under 2.5 miles, and the third which was longer than usual, and I had to plot on map my walk to find out the details (I WONDER WHY, MRS DOG-FACE?) It came up at 4.24 miles, which I was quite pleased with. Not bad for an evening dog walk - although she clearly didn't deserve it!

So the exercise goals went well this week, and food continues to go OK too. Have I written anything this week? Nope. Bugger all. Feel a bit like a comedy character in that respect - the writer with permanent writer's block, LOL! At least I'm writing this blog. And I do feel like things are coming together, I'm not sure how, but I am sure that they are :-)

This weeks goals:
3 x walks
1 x bike ride
Keep important stuff out of way of dog.


  1. Our new Puppy is a chewer too, little bleeder, he especially likes Fay's school shoes.

  2. Why do dogs eat things that don't taste good?