Thursday, 8 July 2010

Rest Day

I am so having a rest day from exercise today. Even my husband has said I've been behaving in a ridiculously fit manner (which was perhaps gently patronising but I'll take it as a compliment anyway!!)

My one planned bike ride into town was on Monday, which I blogged about. Then I had to do the same again on Tuesday, as I'd forgotten something. What I didn't have to do was take the dog on a walk down to the cycle route beforehand, but I did it because I knew she'd love it - even thought it's quite far away. So on Tuesday, I did a walk of 4.4 miles with the dog, followed by a cycle ride of 8.82.

The dog did love it - but through consideration to cyclists, we went right off the cycle path, going mainly along by the side of the river. See that bridge in the background, with its gentle incline upwards? The cycle path goes along it, and it doesn't seem so gentle when you're on it. Makes my thigh muscles BURN - even without any Jane Fonda involvement!

Then on Wednesday, I had an optician's appointment, for contact lenses. Did I take the bus? Nope, I cycled into town again. A true Yorkshire woman (I'm also part Scottish which makes it no better) my fist clamps on to my cash quite tightly, and if it means I can save the £3 I have to pay for a return bus fare to town, then I'll cycle there, dammit! This week I've saved £9 on bus fares so far. And cycled a cumulative total of 26.46 miles.

So like I said - today I'm putting my feet up! What you doin' today? Exercising or resting?


  1. 26 miles! Wow, you're now a cyclist! :-)

    Don't ever stop! ;-)

  2. It's definitely important to get those rest days in.

    I wish things were closer so that I could bike, or at least take public transportation. It's just not very well developed in my area and everything is so far apart that biking isn't practical. It would take me three days just to get TO work!

  3. Thanks everyone! Clive I have a feeling that I won't ever stop now!!