Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Why have I never done this before?

Probably because I was too fat and unfit, that's why. Not that I'm particularly sylph like now, but to my amazement, yesterday I managed to cycle into town. And back. For the first time ever.

It wasn't as far as I thought, just 4.4 miles each way (I'd reckoned about 6) and each journey took me just over half an hour. Here's the stats:

Distance: 8.82 miles
Cals burned: 313
Time taken: 1 hr 12 mins
Av speed: 7.4 mph
To see map of my route, click here.

There was of course a gap half way through that given time of 1hr12, where I went to the post office, which was today's mission. Passport renewal form needed checking so it can be sent off, ready for our stay in Thailand next month.

None of the route to town was on the road (apart from through our village, but I don't mind that because there are hardly ever any cars about anyway). It was cycle paths all the way. Why have I never done this before? Oh yes, I remember why. The fat and unfit thing. And because I didn't quite believe how traffic free the route would be.

This bit was really nice. Most of the route goes by the side of the river. The only problem was that there were very often people with dogs sauntering right down the middle of the cycle path. Bloody dog walkers.

I was amazed at how quickly I got into town. It's actually a bit quicker than going by bus.

Parked my bike in York's Museum Gardens, which is where the cycle path took me to, and I didn't have to cycle in town through traffic, to my great relief.

But then, guess what? When I got to the post office, it was pointed out to me that I'd forgotten a document which needed to be enclosed with the passport renewal form. So rather sooner than expected - like, not long after this post's gone up - I'll be doing this ride all over again!


  1. Using a bike on a daily basis has so many upsides and no downsides that I can think of. or rather no downsides that can't be addressed pretty easily.

    Nice one!

  2. Happy days sometimes I wish my area was as flat as yours seems to be... For some daft reason my blog seems to have lost your two last comments... But I got to read them before it did so thanks! Keep up the good work!

  3. Christie, if I could find a cycle path like the one you used, I reckon I would take to a bike as well! It's a very green route. Nice bit of exercise, and nice easy parking too! Bonus! Well done you :) I am just discovering the joys of taking public transport. It does involve me walking more, so perhaps I'll become a bus user and save petrol given pennies are very tight these days. Every cloud etc...

  4. Ta folks. Yep, we're pretty blessed in York with flat terrain and a big investment in cycling, creating lots of paths everywhere. Makes life much easier.