Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bits of me I don't like #1 - The double chin/nasty neck

When I was just starting to put on weight, several years ago, I used to say to myself "Well at least I don't have one of those awful chins like some people get. You know the kind?" Where the chin just sloped down into the neck and its all a big wad of fat, and you can't tell what's what. Urgh. It's always been one of my fears, because I don't have a strong jawline at all, so I've always sort of known I'm at risk.

Today, I have that problem. Not as bad as it could be - it could be worse. But I have that problem, and it's what I like the least about me when I catch sight of my reflection. More than anything, I think it changes the look of me. With fat round my neck like that, I don't feel like a person, I feel like a fat blob. Like a slug or something.

That's why when I took a photo today for my profile on here, I automatically did my trick of holding the camera high up and looking up to it - so that my chin fat doesn't show. Here it is:

Trick photo!
I don't look very happy do I? Must have been thinking "OMG will my chin flab show, will my chin flab show?" It's actually quite a clever photography trick (which I cottoned on to when I was once getting a studio portrait done) as the pic doesn't show the extent to which your'e looking up - but my hand with the camera was high in the air here. You can't live your life looking upwards though, or only associate with tall people who are looking down at you (actually, there's a thought ...!)

Honest photo
Here's a more honest shot. This is what I look like folks, full face frontal with extra padded chin.
No, I'm not pressing my chin into my neck, I always look like that.

Dreaded side view photo
And horror of horrors, here is the dreaded side view, which never comes out good. Return of the slug woman. To be honest, I'm not too unhappy with my face (we'll move on to the rest of me at a later date) apart from that neck. Look at the state of it! After some deliberation, I've decided that this one should be my current profile photo.


  1. Brave post - courage beyond measure...

  2. Thanks Peter, I admit I keep looking at this post and wondering whether to delete it! I don't really agree with focussing on the negative, but at the same time, taking a good long look at what is in the mirror and being honest about it has to be done. Denial is too easy otherwise!