Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Positive steps #1 - Eating more slowly

1. I'm eating more slowly.

My mother remarked the other day that I was eating too fast. It annoys me when she says stuff like that, but I know that on this occasion, she was right. I practically gulp my dinner down. Then I usually have another plateful, and gulp that as well.

I've had a sort of irritation / slight discomfort at the back of my throat for some time now. I was thinking of seeing the doctor about it. But for the past few days now I've slowed down my eating, it doesn't feel so bad. I wonder if I could have actually been hurting myself by gulping the food, and not chewing enough?

Eating more slowly makes dinner last longer. It causes me to relax, too, and to really enjoy the food, rather than just use it as a "hit." In the past, on previous diets for example when I've tried eating more slowly, I've found it tiresome and boring. But if you concentrate on the moment, and on enjoying the moment of eating, using it as relaxation time too, then it doesn't seem too bad.

I don't know why I took this as my first step, other than that it seemed a natural thing to do when I'm only going to allow myself one plateful rather than two.

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