Saturday, 29 May 2010


I made some wicked chicken tikka this evening. I chose it for tonight as I know it's a healthy dish, whereas most of the other stuff I usually make is dependent on quite a bit of frying. It turned out particularly well, and was a hit with the family.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for the veg curry I made to accompany it. The problem was, not being able to fry the onions and spices in loads of oil to make a decent masala. I used a teaspoonful of oil, which was just not enough for my usual style of cooking. So I added a tin of tomatoes to cook the veges in, and although it turned out OK-ish, the kids weren't fans. Will have to get my thinking cap on for alternative ways of doing things!

Took some stuff to the British Heart Foundation charity shop this morning, and picked up a copy of their cookery book while I was there. Will be having a browse when I've finished this post.

And I am a very happy girl right now, because I've just realised I have 1 portion of carb allowance left as well as some extra calories from daily ration of 100 extra for naughty food. That means I can have a small bowl of porridge sweetened with honey for supper. And I'm glad of it, cos I do feel quite peckish.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog - yours is looking well - keep at it!