Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My dog walking pledge

This is Leia, my 10 month old labradoodle (poodle/lab cross) looking very happy. So she should be. I have just promised myself that I will walk my dog every single morning. Not a stroll, or a free wheel on my bike while she runs around off lead, like I used to, but I will actually walk briskly for 30 mins or more with her on lead.

I'm lucky enough to live on the edge of a village just outside York, with some very pretty countryside around, so it shouldn't be too onerous ... unless of course it's raining. But the dog doesn't care about that, she still needs her walk.

I have a pedometer that I once sent for off Amazon, and recently took the time to sit down and figure out how it works. So this is what I have done for the past two days:

Time: 43 mins
Distance: 3.05 km
Steps: 4072

Time: 45 mins
Distance: 2.086 miles (figured how to change it to miles instead of km!)
Steps: 4131
Cals burned: 245 (WOW!)

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a great plan & a great deal for the dog... Enjoy!