Thursday, 17 June 2010

A load of tripe

So following on from my post yesterday where I mentioned I was going to procure a particular foodstuff as part of my research for the short story I'm writing, I am now pleased to announce that I have some! Tripe!

Actually I'm not that pleased. The stuff stinks. It's currently boiling in the kitchen and our entire house smells like someone's mucking out the cowshed. There are are apparently three different kinds of tripe, one of which is considered to be unfit for human consumption in the UK these days, although it is eaten in other parts of Europe, namely Italy. I think I must've got that kind. I will add that the dog is going wild with excitement, and has been ever since the tripe entered the house. When it's cooked, frankly, she can have it. There might be only 95kcal per 100g, but I'd rather eat nothing - and there are even less calories in that :-D

So has this been successful for my research purposes at least? Well, considering that I mainly wanted to find out whether tripe has a particular smell ... then yes. I think I need to know all I want to know about the smell of tripe now! Bleuch!!


  1. I used to feed that stuff raw and unbleached to my boxers... Makes for a great diet and great for their coats would you believe. My mate shows them successfully and he swears by the stuff!!

  2. The boxers can have it Peter, the picture of the stuff has put me off already. Not for me, just glad I can't smell it.

  3. Boxers are one of my favourite dog breeds. I love their playfulness! And yes, tripe should probably be confined to dogs only, I agree that they can keep it!!

  4. Ugh! Tripe. My Mum used to cook tripe and onions for my Dad. I don't think she ever served it to us when we were young though. We did get stuffed hearts and offal though. I still love liver, bacon and onions. Mmmm. people still eat it?

    If we lived in Tripe Land just imagine how thin we'd all be :)