Thursday, 3 June 2010

More dog walking stories ...

Yesterday's walk didn't happen as planned.

I knew there would probably be some sort of reaction on the part of my digestive system to this new way of eating. I didn't count for it happening when I'd just set out on a walk though. Fortunately I hadn't gone very far when the stomach cramps set in, and after apologising to the dog, I legged it back home with her in tow. I'd only managed to do a tiny bit of my usual circuit, but my sprint back to the house with butt cheeks clenched together was quite a feat of aerobic exercise combined with pilates - so I won't beat myself up about it. Without going into too much detail, most of my afternoon was spent in the bathroom and my youngest son had to walk the dog!

Today, things went much better.

Time taken: 40 mins
Distance: 1.95 miles
Cals burned: 220
Doggy: Happy, and knackered afterwards cos of the heat.

No stomach cramps this time. In fact I felt an immense sense of wellbeing as I set off today. It was a balmy summer's day, and I could feel different air currents as I was walking along - some cool, some hot. The coconuty smell of my sun cream made me feel like I was on holiday. I was thinking to myself how different the scenery looks along this road from a few months ago, when the fields were empty and full of weeds. The sky was white, no leaves were on the trees. That's all changed now though, and there will be more changes before the year is out!

I love pictures of roads leading in to the distance. The one above is my own daily journey. For the moment, I'm going the same way every day. That road can lead anywhere I want it to, though.


  1. Hi, I've found you via Lyn and Bethany's memorial blog! Just saying hello and keep up the good work! That's a lovely country road to walk down. It's going to be hot this week according to the weather people, so I MUST get out more. I must also dig out my camera and take some pics, although I am not sure if the world online is ready to see my lumpy body yet!
    I have a cat. I wonder if he'd mind a collar and a lead. Then I'd have a good excuse to go out walking every day! I am going to check out the BHF eating plan! Thanks!

  2. The average person walking at a good pace is 3mph, a strong pace at 3.5mph and if you are really going 4mph. After that you will break into a slow jog. So well done you your pace is on the money!!

  3. FG, thanks for taking the time to visit me! The BHF plan is working for me at the moment - I like their use of the Eatwell Plate with foods in the recommended proportions, which was a bit of a revelation to me.
    I like the idea of cat walking. I think people walk siamese cats sometimes don't they, but haven't seen an ordinary cat being walked. Maybe you could train yours ...!!

    Peter, thanks that's encouraging! I saunter a bit at the beginning of the walk to allow the dog some sniffing around time, but keep up a brisk pace for the rest of it.