Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A nice filling dinner tonight!

I have definitely eaten well tonight. I made a sausage, bean and lentil casserole from the British Heart Foundation's "Heart Healthy" recipe book, which I bought at their local charity shop this weekend. They aren't diet recipes as such, just healthy eating recipes, but they are calorie counted - this one was 247 cal per portion. I served it with brown rice - mega healthy or what!! It also felt like I was getting a proper dinner, as the lentils and beans in it make it feel substantially bulky.

A hit with the whole family (although I did add some extra sausages for my hubby - didn't think he'd reckon much to an allowance of just one after his day at work!).


  1. Hi Christie:)
    Thanks for popping in on my blog, that fish and chips was But no more for a good while now, I have my work cut out trying to lose this weight. I look forward to following your journey to success, both with the Big O battle and your writing.


  2. Thanks Sheilagh, I shall be looking in on your journey too!