Monday, 14 June 2010

Week 4 - Goals

Exercise goal
The exercise thing went crap last week. I was back doing lazy dog walking again - tootling along on my bike while she ran alongside. It started with my foot arch pain. And then continued long after the pain had gone. The pain is lots better, and I am equipped with stuff to cope. I now have two different types of foot arch support plus a roller type thingy to massage the underside of my feet with (and which the dog thinks is her toy, so I have to make sure I don't leave it lying around). So no more excuses. I'm not going to do the brisk walk every day though, as it was overfacing me. My exercise goal for this week is three brisk walks with the dog around my usual route of just over 1.5 miles.

Food goal
I'm going to be more organised with food planning this week. Last week was a bit haphazard, and I didn't totally stick to the plan, having a second evening meal on one day (albeit a half sized one) with my husband who ate later than us. Then I ate up the leftover quiche for supper :-( Anyway, this week I'm going to plan my food, and also start to build up a collection of recipes based on the Heart Foundation's eatwell plate, which will do both for me and the family. My food goal for this week is to have at least one tried and tested "eatwell" family recipe in my recipe folder, for future reference.

Self-esteem goal
In the past two years, I have only been to the hair dresser's once. A haircut costs me around £37 and I can never justify spending this much money on myself, especially when it's going to need doing again in another 6 or 7 weeks. Consequently, my hair got ridiculously long recently, apart from my fringe, which I trim myself.

My long haired look.

Haircut by husband April 2010 - needs neatening up a bit perhaps!

Then a month or two ago in exasperation when I was doing the housework with it falling in front of my face all the time, and making me too hot around the neck, I asked my husband to chop it off! So he did. He yanked it all back and snipped it clean off with the kitchen scissors. What made us laugh was that it didn't look bad. It looked much better, in fact, than it had done for ages. But seriously, I do deserve a proper haircut don't I? This week my self-esteem goal is to get my bloody hair cut properly.

Writing goals
1. To have a first draft written (however crappy) of a 1000 wd story of a competition I want to enter.
2. To have looked through my Work In Progress and be set to make a plan of action for completing it.

Weigh in day is Wednesday. I shall report back on the other goals on Sunday.


  1. all sounds very healthy and achievable! Did you get a beanie? My wife reminded me of our conversation yesterday as she used one to help her back pain.

  2. Nope, no one seems to have heard of them here. I've tried all the pharmacies I've been in (about 4) and no luck. Will keep on trying cause it sounds good, but there's no immediate need at the moment!

  3. I could send you one should the need arise. My arch used to go quite frequently but with the heat normally was better within 24 hours.

  4. Oh thanks Peter. I shall let you know if my arch goes again - but here's hoping it doesn't!