Friday, 4 June 2010

Foot arch pain

Today I did my walk the opposite way round by starting off going through the village before hitting the country lanes. Normally I start with the lanes and come back through the village.

The reason I did it this way round was to call in at the chemists to get a foot arch support for my right foot. The arch cramps like crazy when I've been walking a bit, with shooting, tingling pains going right along it. The more I walk when it does that, the more intense the pain gets, till I have to stop and let it subside a while.

I've had this problem a couple of years to be honest, and get around it by only walking quite slowly. On the occasions I have to belt it somewhere in a hurry, I'm always in trouble. And on my walks now, I'm in trouble, because I want to keep up a brisk pace.

I think it might be getting a winsy bit better with the exercise, but I googled in last night and found out about foot arch supports. Unfortunately, my local chemist didn't stock them, so later on today I shall go on an expedition for one further afield.

Today's Walk
Time taken: 50 mins
Distance: 1.68 miles
Steps: 3337
Cals burned:191


  1. Try throwing a rest day in every two days or if ya don't fancy that a swim. I think its your foots adapting and getting stronger but too much too quick causes injury. I used to have a lot of arch pain but have very little now. The other thing thats great for that is a beanie. Its a small rectangle shaped bean bag available through most Chemists. You put them in the microwave for a minute then wrap it round your foot as you watch telly for a bit ;-)

    I'm sure you're fed up with my preaching - I will stop now... Have a great weekend!

  2. Have you got a link for the beanie Peter, I can't seem to find one through searching?

    Yes, I'm thinking of cutting down the exercise a bit. My logic was that the dog needs walking every day, but I can go back to my old style freewheeling on the bike while she runs around for a couple of the days. Not fed up at all btw, everything you are saying is really helpful!

  3. I've bought the two I have from standard chemists... Your local should have them. There not dear either for some reason they always seem to be near hot water bottles or deep heat etc

  4. well did ya manage to get one?

  5. Had a try in Boots yesterday, but no luck - the lady on the pharmacy counter hadn't heard of them. I did however get some arch supports for my shoes and a roll massager thingy. The supports are great, but although the massager is good, I get the same, if not better effect by using one of my son's hockey balls - which is what I was already doing! The dog fancies the massager as a toy, so it may not last long ... I shall still keep a look out for the bean bags when I'm out and about.

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