Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's Day - York Cycle Show

My husband is a keen cyclist. As the York Cyle Show was on today, on the Knavesmire, you can guess what his Father's Day treat was!

I personally don't much rate tyres as a pressie, but apparently these were irresistible!

And there were some pretty good bargains to be had in the way of cycling gear too!

There was a really great atmosphere at the Knavesmire. What struck me was how friendly everyone was, and how people of all ages are interested in cycling. Most were men, but there were a good proportion of women too, and not necessarily very sporty types either.

This looks like a very civilised idea. I could put my hubby at the front and get sit and take pics of the scenery we pass from the back ;-)

Or how about this? Electric bikes! If you get fed up of pedalling up hill, just turn on the power and up you zoom. I wonder if you get electrocuted when it rains ...

The bike show was great fun. There was even a stall where you could make yourself a smoothie by hopping on a bike and pedalling to power the liquidiser! I opted for something altogether more restful though and had a ten minute head and shoulder massage.

I do actually have a secret yen though to do a bit more on my bike than my usual tootling around to the local shops, or to take the dog out. I used to love riding my bike as a kid - hey, I could even do wheelies once! Might try and investigate some of the local cyle paths sometime soon, I think!


  1. Go for it Christie, you know it makes sense!

    The more ladies pedalling the better!

  2. Absolutely get on your bike and you'll never look back... ;-)

  3. You're right guys, I know. In fact one of my goals for this week is a first bike ride!