Saturday, 5 June 2010

Breaking patterns

Today's lunch

Today's dinner

Lightbulb moment! Today I've learned that breaking some of my old habitual patterns is going to be a key to losing weight forever. It seems very obvious now I say it, but when I realised today just how much I eat when I cook, I knew that not doing so in future would be one lifestyle change I need to make, and make it forever.

I say not doing so, but I might allow myself a healthy nibble, providing one thing doesn't lead to another (lol ;-). You see my dinner tonight with that cauliflower and pea curry as a side to the chicken tikka? While I was preparing it, I wanted to eat the discarded cauliflower stalks like crazy. I could actually feel the saliva welling up in my mouth as the knife was chopping. So I thought, what the hell, it's only cauliflower! I made myself wait till I'd finished chopping, then I got the stalks, put a dollop of low fat hummous on a plate with them, and called it an offical snack. That was slightly less scary than the mad eating I've been doing, and it was enought to put me on. Phew!

PS, Yeah, I know I'm weird for eating cauliflower stalks, but I guess I'm lucky they can float my boat!


  1. whats up its all gone quiet over this end of the blogisphere..

  2. Yep, have been having probs with my laptop and so am having to use other family members computers when I get the chance. Anyway, my laptop fixed today so I'm back, yipeee!