Friday, 25 June 2010

Whirling mind on the morning walk!

Time taken: 55 mins
Distance covered: 2.45 miles
Steps: 4869
Cals burned: 269

My mind was flitting about like crazy on this morning's walk. I'm in that horrible place where I feel I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. There are essential preparations for Thailand that need to be sorted now, and my father-in-law is coming to stay this weekend, arriving tonight. He's a difficult man, and an alcoholic - a pretty dire one at that. I haven't seen him since 2003. What's more, I haven't written anything yet this week - again. Maybe I should write about my father-in-law! The house is in a mess - I spent all day yesterday on it, but there's another day's work left. And I need to change the beds. Aaaargh!

So anyway, my mind was flitting about, and although the walk was invigorating, it wasn't relaxing. I managed to focus on planning some of this blog post for a few minutes, but I've forgotten what it was now - I don't think it was this!

What do you think about or focus on when you're walking / cycling / getting your exercise in?


  1. Now there's a question, my wanders truth be told, mainly because I'm trying to avoid the pain of the hills! I'm not concious of thinking about anything in particular.

    Sorry not much help there was I?

    Good luck with the visit, as I always say, "God save us from families!"

  2. The reason why I love cycling is because my mind tends to switch off... Fantastic!

  3. Poor you Christie. I always have the frantic house-cleaning routine before people come to stay. It really burns some calories though! In fact, I have to have regular visitors just to keep the house in a decent state! Hope the visit of FIL goes well.

    I find it hard to switch off and stop thinking. When I am using the bike (set up in front of the TV) I still manage to think some panic-y thoughts about what I have to do, or what I still haven't done! I do feel better after exertion though.

  4. I think about everything and nothing. I never listen to music on the bike. I sometimes think about the ride in hand but it often gets split by thing I need to do that day/week and even completely random things.