Monday, 21 June 2010

Goals for this week

Exercise goals
This week I'm just going to concentrate on the exercise.
3x walks of around 2 miles each.

A first bike ride.

The food is sorting itself out, as I'm finding my tastes are changing. So there's no food goal. Towards the end of last week there was no point planning anything as I'd find I was craving specific things (red meat at the moment, yesterday I wanted to drink milk!!) so I've been changing the day's food accordingly. It's weird, but interesting. I never used to really care what the dinner was as long as there was lots of it and I could pig out. Now I'm fancying stuff that's very plain - but very specific.

Writing goals
The writing is still a total pain in the arse and I didn't manage to finish off. So last week's writing goals are carried over to become this week's goals.


  1. Looking forward to reading the bike report of your first jaunt - enjoy!!