Monday, 21 June 2010

Weekly goals feedback

Exercise Goal
This was to do three dog walks around my usual route of just over 1.5 miles. As I changed to a new route the second time, I managed to cover even more in terms of distance, so I exceeded the goal on this one! A huge improvement on last week, where I didn't manage any.

Monday 14th June
Distance:1.76 miles
Steps: 3487
Cals burned: 199
Time taken: 45 mins
Didn't feel remotely like going out, but as soon as I stepped into the fresh air with the dog, I felt fab. Instant mood change. Just over half way through I got a bit bored though. Not tired, just bored. I find the village leg of the walk tiresome, whereas I like the countryside bit.

Wednesday 16th June
Distance: 2.703 miles
Steps: 5353
Cals burned: 306
Time taken: 1hr 5 mins
Lovely sunny day -glad to be out. Decided to vary my route as I got bored on the last walk, and took a left turn down a lane I hadn't explored before - very pretty, and I spent lots of time taking pics, especially of poppies in the fields. It lead eventually to a major road, so I doubled back for my return home. Longer walk than usual - no foot arch pain, no tiredness, yay!

Friday 18 June
Distance: 2.75 miles
Steps: 5461
Cals burned: 302 (less than last time as I've just input my new weight in the pedometer)
Time taken: 1hr
Grey chilly day, felt I didn't have time to walk as there's lots on my mind, but I went anyway. Stopped to talk to another dog walker for 10 mins and then belted along to make up time. Planned in my head what to do when I got back, and dictated some thoughts for a project idea I'm mulling over into the voice recorder on my phone. My calves ached in a good way on the way back! Saw a yellow wagtail, Britain's yellowest bird. Thought someone's canary had escaped at first!

Food Goal

My food goal was to be more organised with my food planning and to have at least one new recipe in my folder by the end of the week.

Blog friends, I tried. I managed the first bit OK, but the new recipes I tried out weren't that good. I thought the above bulgar wheat salad was going to be a keeper, but I hated the pomegranate seeds in it (I like them - but not mixed with bulgar wheat) and would rather have my salady bits served separately with a dressing on. Fussy girl, aren't I? So that goal will have to be carried over till next week, not for want of trying though.

Self Esteem Goal
This was to have a haircut, and I did it! I could so easily not have done, as they could only fit me in at an awkward time and normally I'd have left it. But I did it. That's the first time I've had a proper haircut in about a year, and it feels good. Soz no piccy yet, and you're not getting one off my webcam now as I'm still in my nightie (LOL) but you can see it a bit in the post below, where I'm having my head massage!

Writing Goals
Still struggling like crazy. Nearly done it, but not quite. Hope to have some positive feedback before the end of the day on that one.

All in all, I'm pleased with myself, especially for the exercise, which went better than expected. The writing's an ongoing battle.


  1. It sounds like you definitely have some things to be proud of! The writing will come along when you're ready to make it happen.

  2. Thanks Karen. I'm sure you're write about the writing - I wish I could be ready now though!