Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Weigh Day #2

I'm a happy girl again today. 3lbs lost this week, which is very respectable, and brings me to the 13s! I now weigh in at 13st 12. That's a total of 12lbs lost altogether and what's more ... I can now fit into a size 18 top, instead of size 20 which is where I've been at for at least the past couple of years. On the down side, this means a couple of tops I got recently from Evans are now too big. Hang on, why is that a down side? It's not like remaining a size 20 would be worth it to get my wear out of them! The top in the photo above is a £15 one from Bon Marche, which I grabbed yesterday while my husband was having a hair cut.

I haven't been tracking my measurements up to now, but have just taken some (urgh!), for the first time in God knows how long, so that I can keep my eye on them.

This is all very cheering on the weight front. But other bits of my life remain in a bit of a mess. Of which more later.


  1. Well done, you're doing better than me at the moment on the weight front, you must be very pleased! :-)

    I'm pedalling my legs off, being good with the grub and I put a pound on last week. A tad disappointed to say the least!

  2. Ta Clive, yes I've been really happy with my results. It's frustrating how weight loss results sometimes seem to be a bit up and down for no tangible reason, I've seen that on a few people's blogs. Bet you've got a loss this time next week tho, keep it up - your blog always really inspires me btw!