Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The First Bike Ride

Distance: 9.2 miles
Time taken: 1hr 5 mins
Cals burned: 418

It has been done. The first bike ride. Yesterday evening, my hubby took me over part of one of his usual routes, and consequently I went much further for a first ride than I would have done if I'd been on my own.

Respect to all bike riders, it was really hard. Most of the ride was off road, and although as I've said before, the vale of York is flat, I have found out that there are different types of flat, not all of them particularly easy to ride on. There's stony flat, bumpy flat, flat with unexpected holes in (owch!), flat covered in cow pats, and even flat that has all of the above. Not to mention flat with a herd of bullocks charging over it.

I was knackered by the end, and very hot and sweaty, but I don't think I've enjoyed myself quite so much for a while. It was a real eye opener too, as we were mostly riding on public bridleways over farmland. I saw places I never knew existed before!

One track was very overgrown, and so bumpy that it made everything judder like crazy. You can get beauty treatments where your fat is blasted with an electric current to get rid of cellulite etc. Riding over that track had the same effect, I'm sure - and it was free!

The last leg was back on a proper tarmac road and it felt like bliss being back on a smooth surface. All things considered though, I think I could get to like offroad cycling. Loads of fun - and a good penance to pay after that angus burger!


  1. 9 and a bit miles!!!!!!!!!!

    Check you out!

    Well done, first of many I hope! :-)

  2. Off road too an all - thats a very impressive start! Last time I was off road like that it near killed me, massive respect!

  3. Great to see another convert to the bicycling life. Once you're hooked, that's it, by the way, there's no way I'd have managed 9 and a bit miles, on my first ride. WELL DONE!!!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I think I probably am a bit hooked, and I'm looking forward to another ride soon!

  5. You did 3 times what I managed on my first ride. Well done.