Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I am so hungry

It's half past ten, and this is the time I would normally have my second breakfast. I am so hungry right now, I could scream. I want fried eggs on toast. Or cheese and tomato on toast. Or both.

I'm going to try making a hot cup of tea with no sugar, and sipping it slowly while I do my writing, and try to get excited about my writing project.

But right now, nothing at all is more exciting than the idea huge slices of toast, adorned with fried egg and dripping yolk into the bread :-(

Wish me luck.

Update: I held out till midday! Although I mucked around on Facebook etc and procrastinated a bit, I also managed to write the first 400 words of the next chapter of my work in progress. Unfortunately, my lunch was 2 slices of cheese and tomato on toast (wholemeal). I know the cheese wasn't a particularly good thing to have, and I eat a lot of it too. Will have to sort out what I'm eating, as well as how much I'm eating.

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